Biobakt Sp. z o.o. provide tested microbiological preparations for cesspools, which enable effective disposal of infections and protection of natural environment. Our offer consists of soil-injected biopreparations, which speeds up the decomposition of residues after harvest along with limitation of mould and pathogens. We offer also preparation for reservoirs, which enable effective purification of water, products for livestock buildings, ones for reprocessing of sewage and another improving the process of composting. We offer tested preparations for cesspools and sewage works, which thankfully to complex activity along with highly effectiveness enable to fulfil various aims such as taking care of environment and effective management and reprocessing of wastes. We provide clients only with preparation, which own a registration of Ministry of Agriculture and Department of Environmental Toxicology in Warsaw – Akwesan, Biodenn and Sanidenn along with cesspool tablets – Saniden Tabs.


Microbiological means, which are composed of bacteria responsible for production of enzymes enabling quick reprocessing of organic wastes and hygienisation of compost. They lower the volume of compost heap and reduce unpleasant smell.
Novesan is a microbiological preparation destined to speed up the process of composting. It consists of practical and non-pathogenic strains of bacteria, which during its metabolism produce enzymes responsible for quick and proper composting of organic wastes such as: residues of plants, fruit, mowed grass, peelings, egg shells, coffee and tea dregs, wood ash, paper, bark, sawdust and crushed branches.


Preparations recreating microbiological balance of the soil, which are applied before sowing and after the harvest. The task of biopreparations is decomposition of residues left after harvest, reduction of harmful bacteria, mould and viruses, limitation of plant pathogens and diseases and improvement of soil water management.

ReCultiv is a form of injection applied into soil. It is destined to be applied before sowing or after the harvest. It recreates microbiological balance of the soil.
RECULTIV consists of selected strains of bacteria. In 1g of microbiological composite there is at least 6×10⁸ cfu, mover, starter.


Efficient powder for pools infected with liquid manures and faeces gutter, which minimizes soap scum, eliminates unpleasant smell and increases the value of liquid manure’s fertilizer. It eliminates the risk of possible infections caused by pathogenetic bacteria.

SANIDENN is dedicated for reprocessing of animal wastes in sewers and pools containing liquid manure. It minimizes soap scum. It eliminates fetors accompanying the process of disposal of liquid manure and increases its value as a compost. Through the effect of taking over its place, SANIDENN cleanses it and reduces development of fungus, mould, and pathogenic bacteria.


Our preparations boost up decomposition of organic wastes, they ensure reduction of bottom sediment and minimize the level of chlorophyll – we recommend the bacteria destined for ponds, lakes, bathing ponds, which reduce the level of water-soluble biogenic elements hence they prevent eutrophication of these reservoirs. They are fully safe for humans, animals and natural environment.
Akwesan GR in granulated form is the biopreparation destined for reduction of bottom sediment in water reservoirs.
Biopreparation has a positive influence on reduction of frog spit smell of water and it minimizes the amount of algea.
Destination: ponds and bathing ponds.

Akwesan GR w postaci granulatu, to biopreparat przeznaczony do redukowania osadów dennych w zbiornikach wodnych.
Biopreparat wpływa korzystnie na ograniczenie zakwitów, rozkwitów  przykrego zapachu wody oraz ograniczenie ilości glonów.
Przeznaczenie: oczka wodne, stawy oraz stawy kąpielowe.


We recommend preparation for cesspools, destined also for all kinds of sewage works (production plants, industrial, biological, ecological), and to microbiological reprocessing of sewage. They reduce bottom sediment, prevent formation of scums. They enable bonding of heavy metals, reduce unpleasant smells and improve sewage works’ efficiency. They are fully safe for humans, animals and natural environment.

PILLBAKT is an enzymatic and bacterial preparation used for improvement of work of all types of sewage works. Enzymes contained in the tablet resolve organic compound in the sewage to single elements, which are then used by bacteria from preparation as the source of food.


If you are exposed for failure of pipeline transporting fuel, seepage from refinery, seepage accompanying oil wells, seepage from leaky fuel containers we suggest multi-ingredient preparation destined for the process of bioremediation of soil infected with oil-related substances.

PETRODENN is multi-ingredient preparation for processes of bioremediation of soil infected with oil-related substances. Microorganisms included in PETRODENN are isolated from natural habitat infected by particular xenobiotics. When choosing proper species of bacteria, we were bearing in mind their lifespan and ability to multiplication in polluted environment, which causes effective degradation of pollution.